Energy Boost Scholarship for Illinois Coal Country

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The purpose of the Energy Boost Undergraduate Scholarship for Illinois Coal Country is to attract local high school graduates who 1) have been personally impacted by the contraction in the coal industry towards an alternative path, and 2) to increase participation in energy related scholarships at SIU. 

This scholarship is funded by AEI's Energy Boost Grant, and all decisions regarding disbursement of scholarships will be determined by AEI's Scholarship Committee. Contact or 618/536-5521 with questions. 

Student Benefits

  • Through their SIU education, students can dig deeper into their passions and questions regarding advanced coal and energy research and innovation.
  • Mentoring relationships with faculty, staff, and students.
  • Potential to work with industry through research and internship opportunities.
  • Informal social and academic support.
  • Professional and Academic enrichment activities.
  • Learn more about the benefits of an SIU education at

Important Details

Submissions Due: April 30th
Winners Announced:
 June 1st
Award Amount:
 $5,000 per academic year ($2,500 for fall, $2,500 for spring) for full-time undergraduate students enrolled and in good standing at SIU (see other Eligibility Requirements below). 
Award Period: Up to four years starting from the Fall semester; awards will roll over per semester (fall/spring) until the student graduates based on a semi-annual review of student academic performance and/or a personal interview. Awards will not exceed four years for freshman enrolled and two years for transfer students.
Number of Awards: Up to two new scholarships will be awarded per academic year. Students may not be awarded more than one scholarship per semester from AEI.

Questions? Call 618/536-5521 or email

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

  1. Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Be a full-time SIUC student (includes transfer students) with goals of pursuing a career working in some aspect of the energy-related industry.
  3. Be a graduate from a high school in an Illinois county affected by the contraction of the coal industry.
  4. Provide an essay about how they have been personally impacted by the contraction in the coal industry, and
  5. Provide a letter of reference and copies of most recent transcripts (unofficial OK).

Applications must be received before the deadline as per the Application Procedure below.

Application Procedure

Sign in to complete the general scholarship application at Academic Works or use your Salukinet Account to access the application.