New Course Development Grants

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New Course Development Grants

Access to energy is fundamental to modern living, but humanity is currently in the midst of a profound transition related to the ways in which we produce, distribute and consume energy. This transition directly or indirectly affects everyone, so it’s vital that students of all interests are well informed. To encourage that, AEI is seeking to foster development of new energy-related academic programing, offering grants of up to the equivalent of one month of summer salary to support development of new energy-related courses. 

Faculty from all academic disciplines are invited to propose development of new undergraduate courses (100-400 level).  Courses should be directly relevant to energy, but may focus on any aspect of the production or utilization of energy, energy policy, energy-related social issues, or other areas of importance to issues related to energy.                                

New course proposals should be discussed with Chairs, Directors or Deans of the host Department, School or College, as appropriate.  Proposers are then required to complete the new course development proposal form.

Proposals will be reviewed and proposers will be notified as quickly as possible.

Please send any questions to

Successful proposals will be funded in two tranches

  • 0.5 months of summer salary when the award is granted for development of the new course.

  • 0.5 months of salary when the course is complete and offered for the first time.

For Summer 2023 support, proposals should be received by April 22, 2023.