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Green Office SLEUTHs

Green Office Sleuths - Register Your Office

Interested in taking actions toward greener office actions?  The Green Office SLEUTHS's program is a collaboration between the SIU Sustainability Office and ACERC aimed at taking action toward a greener campus one office at a time!   

Upon joining the Green Office SLEUTHS program, you will be guided through a Student Led Energy-Use Treasure Hunt (SLEUTH) with a trained student. Topics covered include energy use, recycling and waste reduction, printing and paper procedures, and more.  Read more about energy treasure hunts here.

Your effort serves as an example to others on campus- SIU is committed to a green campus! As an office, you are committing to incorporate actions into your daily office procedures. After completing a consultation, the student SLEUTH will develop a personalized plan of action that suits your office.  Based on a point system, you will be able to track your office's progress. 

How to Participate

1.) Register your office using this form.

2.) Set up a consultation with a Green Office SLEUTH.

3.) Commit to your personalized checklist of green actions.

4.) Check-in with a SLEUTH on progress and next steps. 

Your Green Office SLEUTH will go through the checklist with your office and determine which activities are applicable to your office, which actions your office is currently working on, and which actions that you would like to set as a goal.  After determining your office's actions, your SLEUTH will calculate your score and a plan of action. Your score is calculated based on total points received.

Inventory and Checklist files will be posted soon!