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SIU's Green Roof
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SIU's Green Roof Team
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University Innovation Fellows empower students around the world to become agents of change in higher education. Fellows create opportunities that help their peers unlock their creative potential and develop the design-centered mindset required to take on complex challenges in today’s world. Fellows are students of all majors and academic levels, from freshman to PhDs – who want to shape the future of education.

Two SIU Fellows and a handful of students at SIU and other universities believe in the vision to improve and transform the SIU Green Roof into a multidisciplinary innovation hub for Agricultural, Engineering, and all students and faculty to utilize. Currently identified as an underutilized space, we are executing revitalizing and modernizing projects to jumpstart the innovation hub while inspiring students to find their own passions.

With our projects we aim to achieve the following goals:

  1. Multidisciplinary Learning Facility for academic research, coursework, and internal organizations.
  2. Increased research projects’ space utilization.
  3. Display SIU’s innovative culture through student-initiated projects.

Micro Wind Turbine International Competition

We challenge University students across the world to collaborate on a renewable energy technology project: micro wind turbines by designing a device that mounts onto an existing structure by using the SIU Green Roof as a case study. 

Research Projects


A series of small single-board computers monitoring the environmental conditions and waters 3000 square feet of the Green Roof’s soil based on machine learning algorithms.


Collects weather data from the SIU Green Roof for the autonomous irrigation system and streaming to our webpage.


A student designed device which mounts onto existing structures located on the SIU Green Roof.