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Agricultural Sciences

Agribusiness EconomicsAgricultural SystemsForestry
Plant and Soil Science

The University Farms and Research/Education Centers comprise the following:


Workforce Education and Development

Center for Workforce Development


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Labs

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering Labs

Computer Engineering Labs

Biomedical & Nanotechnology Labs

Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes

  • Computer Lab with state-of-the-art software
  • Thermal Measurement and Control
  • Material Science
  • Pollution Control
  • Vibration
  • Process Design and Control
  • Mechanical Systems Control
  • Combustion
  • Chemical Processes
  • Advanced Friction Studies
  • Tribology
  • High-temperature materials
  • Composites
  • Nano-materials
  • Materials Testing

Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering

Test flow loop for slurry and paste rheology (mainly for backfilling)

Corrosion determination equipment


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab

CWRL Annual Report, with current research projects, publications, and more.

Environmental Resources and Policy

Fisheries and Illinois Aquaculture Center

  • > 90 research ponds
  • > 900 m2 of wet lab space with recirculating tanks
  • 27-foot, closed cabin research vessel with side-scan sonar, hydroacoustics, advanced navigation system
  • Toxicology and physiology laboratories with state-of-the-art technology
  • Molecular genetics Computing/GIS Microscope and image analysis
  • Field vehicles and boats
  • Hydroacoustics and hydrographic river-survey equipment
  • Wetland Field Center (joint with the Center for Ecology)

Geography and Environmental Resources


Facilities, Instrumentation and Other Resources


Experimental Physics Research Labs: Magnetic Properties, Nanosensor and Microscopy, Applied Materials and Spectroscopy, Low Temperature

Theoretical: Quantum Computation and Quantum Error Correction, Atomic and Nuclear Many Body and Reaction Theory, Theoretical Soft-Condensed Matter Physics, Computational Materials Physics

Interdisciplinary Centers

Materials Technology Center

John Deere Research Laboratory