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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Dr. Rolando Bravo Hydraulics & hydraulic design, hydrology, groundwater flow and subsidence
Dr. Lizette R. Chevalier Environmental engineering, environmental hydraulics, contaminant hydrology, NAPL transport/remediation and numerical modeling
Dr. Bruce DeVantier Soil remediation, drinking water quality, numerical modeling, finite-element modeling
William (Bill) Eichfeld Structural analysis, strength of materials, highways and highway construction materials
Dr. J. Kent Hsiao Structural earthquake engineering, structural reliability, structural design of buildings and bridges using steel, reinforced or prestressed concrete, masonry, and wood
Dr. Aslam Kassimali Nonlinear structural analysis, structural dynamics and stability, and analysis of fiber-composite structures
Dr. Prabir K. Kolay Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Stabilization, Foundation Design
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Dynamic soil-structure interaction, piles under lateral loads, settlement prediction of landfills, seismic analysis and design of landfills, ground motion amplification in soils, liquefaction of silts and sands, and machine foundations
Dr. Vijay K. Puri Geotechnical engineering, soil dynamics, machine foundations, liquefaction of soils
Dr. Jale Tezcan Non-linear structural behavior, neural networks in systems identification and structural control, rehabilitation and retrofitting of structures damaged by earthquakes
Dr. John Warwick Surface water quality simulation and the overall relationships between model aggregation and input parameter uncertainty; nutrient cycling and associated dissolved oxygen impacts along with the transport and fate of mercury in fluvial systems

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Dr. Shaikh S. Ahmed Nanoscale device design for electronic, photonic, sensor, and energy harvesting applications, Quantum phenomena and devices, Peta-scale scientific computing and developing community nanotechnology software
Dr. Ada Chen Biomedical imaging, image reconstruction, digital tomosynthesis, image quality analysis, signal and image processing, simulation and computing
Dr. Lalit Gupta Pattern recognition, digital signal processing, neural networks, neuroinformatics
Dr. Themistoklis Haniotakis Digital VLSI Design and Test, RF IC Design and Test, Low Power VLSI Design, and Fault-tolerant Systems. 
Dr. Frances J. Harackiewicz Electromagnetics, antenna theory and design, microwaves, microstrip phased arrays and anisotropic materials, small multiband and broadband antennas, PIFAs, loops, printed and dielectric antennas
Dr. Constantine J. Hatziadoniu Power systems modeling, simulation and control, high voltage, DC transmission, power electronics, power systems transient
Dr. Dimitrios Kagaris VLSI design automation, digital circuit testing, communications network
Dr. James Phegley Pattern recognition and classification, digital signal processing
Dr. Farzad Pourboghrat Systems control, robust and adaptive control, neural control, DSP-based embedded control, robotics and mechatronics, smart structures and MEMS
Mrs. Kay Purcell Senior design, engineering education, SIU amateur radio club
Dr. Jun Qin Medical device development, instrumentation and sensors, medical data acquisition and analysis, medical acoustics, therapeutic ultrasound, haptics
Dr. Mohammad Sayeh Optical computing, image processing, stochastic modeling, quantum electronics
Dr. Vidya Singh-Gupta Engineering communications and ethics
Dr. Spyros Tragoudas CAD for VLSI, design for testability, computer networks
Dr. Ramanarayanan Viswanathan Wireless and personal communications, spread spectrum communications, detection and estimation theory, wireless networks
Dr. Haibo Wang Mixed-signal testing and design, digital VLSI, VLSI design automation
Dr. Ning Weng Network processing system, system architecture, analytical performance modeling, low power design

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Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes

Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Dr. Serge Abrate Underwater blasts, hull slamming, functionally graded materials, and metamaterials
Dr. Om Argawal Fractional derivatives and their applications
Dr. Tsuchin Chu Non-destructive evaluation (NDE), biomedical engineering, experimental mechanics, computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), finite element analysis (FEA), sensors, instrumentation, digital image correlation (DIC), biomechanics
Dr. Christopher Cooley Dynamics, vibration, and stability of high-speed mechanical systems
Dr. Jarlen Don Composite materials, friction materials, CVDcoatings and infiltration, and oxidation protection of carbon-carbon composites
Dr. Asghar Esmaeeli Large scale computations of multiphase flows
Dr. Peter Filip Structure and properties of metals, ceramics, composite materials, development and optimization of brake linings, and smart implant materials
Dr. Rasit Koc Advanced materials and coatings
Dr. James Mathias Energy conservation and management, experimental testing of fluid dynamics, analytical and experimental testing of thermodynamic cycles
Dr. Kanchan Mondal Environmentally benign process development with current focus on carbon dioxide reduction and materials to enable alternative energy generation options, enhanced reactivity CO2 capture agents, novel catalysts for carbon dioxide fixation into chemicals and coal to liquid fuels, materials for environmental remediation, development of low temperature hydrogenation processes, supercritical processing, corrosion resistant materials, nanomaterials, energy systems analysis
Dr. Emmanuel Nsofor Experimental and computational heat transfer and fluid mechanics, and advanced energy systems
Dr. Ian Suni

Thin film growth and dissolution, including both photovoltaic thin films and ULSI materials, electrochemical biosensors, including the use of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for detecting antibody-antigen recognition, corrosion, nanotechnology and nanomaterials. 

Dr. Tomasz Wiltowski Coal and biomass gasification, hydrogen production, Fisher-Tropsch synthesis of liquid fuels, and heretogeneous catalysis

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Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering

Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Dr. Satya Harpalani Ventilation, insitu mining systems

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Joe Davis Statistics and two-dimensional separations
Zhihua Du Structures and functions of biomacromolecules, such as proteins and RNAs, that participate in vital biological processes including RNA interference (RNAi), telomere maintenance, and antiviral innate immunity in mammalian cells
Yong Gao Design, synthesis and application of magnetic nanomaterials and biomaterials
Qingfeng Ge Molecular processes that govern materials processing and catalytic properties
Boyd Goodson Molecular structure, dynamics, and interactions-particularly involving proteins, protein complexes, and inclusion compounds; optical / nuclear double resonance; highly spin-polarized systems; sensitivity and contrast enhancement in NMR and MRI; novel exogenous MRI contrast agents; NMR of laser-polarized noble gases; liquid crystals; organic crystals; biomolecular and polymer thin films; time-resolved spectroscopies and methods; spin-spin interactions; quantum computation
Gary Kinsel The investigation of pulsed rf plasmas polymerization for the surface modification of Matrix Assisted laser/Desorption Ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry targets.

The utilization of suface modified MALDI targets in proteomics applications and for the discovery of novel cellular biomarkers of biological interest.

The investigation of novel methods for MALDI sample and target preparation to achieve enhancement of analyte ionization efficeincy in proteomics applications.

Fundamental investigation of the equilibrium nature of the MALDI desorption plume and determination of the thermochemical properties of relevant MALDI matrix species.

The investigation of laser initiate donor to biomolecule intracluster proton transfer for the elucidation of the mechanism of MALDI analyte ionization.
Punit Kohli Design, synthesis, characterization and applications of nanoscale materials functionalized with (bio)chemical molecules/polymers
Matt Mccarroll Application of analytical chemistry to investigate complex chemical phenomena with an emphasis in the areas of molecular spectroscopy and organized media
Kyle Plunkett Utilization of self-assembly motifs and the tools of synthetic and physical chemistry to address problems at the interface of chemistry and materials science. Target molecules are 1) functionalizable cyclopenta-fused polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (CP-PAHs) that can be utilized as acceptor materials, 2) conjugated polymers that adopt well-defined nanostructures, and 3) smart surfaces for biomacromolecule immobilization.
Lichang Wang Developing molecular dynamics theory for describing the nuclear motion in complex systems, modeling transition metal nanoparticles, and modeling electron excitation and transfer processes
Mary Kinsel Application of mass spectrometry to the characterization of biological samples
Yuqing Hou Associate Director, Meyers Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

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Computer Science

Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Kemal Akkaya Wireless sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor and actor networks, wireless mesh networks, smart grid communications and security, wireless multimedia sensor networks, wireless ad hoc network security
Norman F.Carver III Multi-agent systems, distributed problem solving, sensor interpretation, knowledge-intensive control of AI systems
Dunren Che Database, structured document management, bioinformatics
Qiang Cheng Signal and image processing, statistical learning theory, biomedical and healthcare informatics, and their applications
Bidyut Gupta Distributed systems, cluster computing, mobile computing, computer networks
Henry Hexmoor Artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, cognitive science, mobile robotics, knowledge representation and reasoning
Wen-Chi Hou Statistical databases, query optimization, data stream processing, spatial data structures
Namdar Mogharreban Development, deployment and evaluation of a Learning Objects and its ramifications for e-learning
Mehrdad Nojoumian Computer Security and Privacy, Applied Cryptography, Software Engineering, and Interdisciplinary Research on the Intersection of Computer and Social Sciences such as Economics and Psychology
Shahram Rahimi Computational intelligence and soft computing, multi-agent systems, distributed computing
Michael S. Wainer Software development, HCI, Computer graphics
Michelle Zhu Parallel and Distributed Computing in Grid and Cloud, High Performance Networking, Remote Visualization and bioinformatics

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Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Ken B. Anderson Organic Geochemistry. Structural characterization and reactivity of coal. Novel coal utilization strategies. Investigation and characterization of ambers and related products derived from polyterpenoid resins. Application of geochemical techniques to the
characterization of Archeological matter.
James Conder Processes of mantle flow and melt generation and migration at mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones; nanotectonics: addressing questions of active deformation of the Earth’s surface, primarily through use of microseismicity
Steven P. Esling Quaternary stratigraphy; groundwater modeling
Scott E. Ishman The use of benthic foraminifera as paleoenvironmental proxies
Liliana Lefticariu Stable isotope geochemistry; aqueous geochemistry; radiation chemistry
Sally Potter-McIntyre Diagenesis of sedimentary rocks with application to petroleum geology and Mars sedimentology
Sue Rimmer 1) biogeochemical cycles in organic-rich sediments; 2) controls on stable isotope composition of organic matter (OM) and interpretation of C and N isotope records in organic-rich sediments and coals; 3) linkages between OM and past atmospheric composition; 4) coal maturation and the role of heating rate (contact metamorphism vs. burial maturation); and 5) maceral separation and geochemistry
John Sexton 1) using both 2D and 3D seismic reflection data collected for oil exploration purposes; 2) earthquake related studies in the Wabash Valley and the New Madrid seismic zone

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Geography and Environmental Sciences

Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
Leslie Duram Organic Agriculture and Local Food, Rural Land Use, Agricultural Geography, Watershed Management
Jonathan Remo River and Floodplain Management; Natural Hazards; Hydraulic, Geospatial, and Hazard Modeling
Justin Schoof Climate Variability and Change, Climatological Methods
Audrey Wagner Fundamentals of weather and climate, climate change, environmental conservation, geospatial techniques in transportation planning and sustainability, physical geography
Guangxing Wang Remote sensing, spatial statistics and GIS for environment and natural resources
Julie Weinert Tourism geography, geography of ecotourism, feminist geography, geography of globalization, geography of development

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Faculty Name Expertise/Interest Areas
John Groninger Watershed stabilization, fuelwood/biomass, timber, wildlife, recreation, and biodiversity
Karl Williard Nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment attenuation in riparian buffers; and agricultural land management impacts on soil and water quality
Jim Zaczek The biology, ecology, and restoration of trees and forests; giant cane (Arundinaria gigantea) habitat restoration including the propagation, establishment, growth, and canebrake development; propagation of recalcitrant woody plants; forestry education