Mission and Goals

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The mission of the ACERC (sounds like: acers) is to:

  • Assist faculty, students and others in the campus research community in engaging in advanced coal and energy-related research and service opportunities, and
  • Advocate and initiate activities that advance the university as a leader in interdisciplinary advanced coal and energy research, education and service to the ultimate benefit of society and the environment.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Expand advanced coal and energy education and research across campus
  2. Facilitate the development of an advanced coal and energy workforce
  3. Increase return on investments in advanced coal and energy activities
  4. Establish CDP as the regional advanced coal and energy technology test bed

Energy research and education at SIU is going strong. With private funding sustaining our programs through 2019, SIU's Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center will continue to make coal utilization cleaner and safer, while supporting the broad base of energy technologies to help carry humanity through the transition to clean and affordable energy for all.

Over the past four decades, the SIU Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center (ACERC) helped researchers and partners harness and use energy from various sources more efficiently, cleanly, and in whole new ways. ACERC is SIU’s home of energy researcheducationcollaboration and facilities, and now it’s the home of Energy Boost.

Through Energy Boost research grants and scholarships, expanded facilities and growing energy-focused programs, we provide our stakeholders with an invaluable competitive edge. We are working to connect students, faculty and industry with the resources they need to optimize returns on their investments in energy education and research.

The SIU Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center is working to develop a prosperous energy future for our region's individuals, communities and industry. Get involved or contact us today to explore your energy future.