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As a result of the sale of its fossil fuel generating stations, Commonwealth Edison Company, a Chicago-based electric utility, granted $25 million to Southern Illinois University to support clean coal programs and projects. The university has established a Clean Coal Review Board to oversee the development and implementation of projects funded from the grant. The Board has established the following mission and objectives.


The program will contribute to the new growth of the Illinois coal industry through the application of advanced technologies and practices in new or existing facilities in the state of Illinois.


  • Identify the best cutting edge coal utilization technologies and encourage the exploration of their applications in Illinois.
  • Secure the commitment of private, government, and institutional funds (including the Illinois Clean Energy Trust) to Illinois clean coal projects.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of other Illinois coal funding initiatives, but not duplicate other programs.
  • Maximize (in funding projects) the contribution of, and the benefits to, ultimate commercial users.
  • Engage regulatory agencies in the project development process.

Organization of the Program

SIU set up an organizational structure designed to maximize outside expertise in program direction. A governing board, named the Clean Coal Review Board (Board), was organized in January 2000. The Board is comprised of eleven members, including eight members representing the Illinois General Assembly, a representative from organized labor, and a representative from SIUC. Legislative Board members serve two year terms corresponding with the biennial General Assembly and are recommended by legislative leaders. Board Officers for calendar year 2009 were State Representative Dan Reitz, Chair; State Senator David Luechtefeld, Vice Chair; and State Representative Mike Bost, Secretary. Dr. Samuel Goldman, Chancellor, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, served as SIUC fiscal officer. Mr. John Mead, Director of the SIUC Coal Research Center served as Board staff.

Project Selection and Management

Projects are funded through contracts entered into by SIUC and the project sponsors. Project funding schedules are based on negotiated project milestones. The SIUC Coal Research Center reviews the technical progress of the projects through periodic reports, site visits, and progress meetings. These evaluations, together with reviews of other clean coal activities are used to assist the Board in updating its program. The Board received no new funding proposals during calendar year 2009. Funds were transferred to two ongoing projects under contracts entered into in prior years.

Fund Management

Grant funds are managed through an investment plan set up through the SIU Office of the President. Interest earned is added to the fund balance.

Public Information

Board meeting minutes and project reports are available at the Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center for use by industry, scholars, and the general public. Board meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Schedule 

A special meeting is scheduled at 8:30 a.m. on May 22, 2019, at the Illinois State Capitol, Senate Conference Room, 6th Floor. Subject: Energy Boost Extension. Please call 618 536 5521 for more information.

Meeting Minutes

All of the minutes below are in PDF format.

Board Members

  1. Mr. Phil Gonet, President, Illinois Coal Association
  2. Mr. Joe Angleton
  3. Illinois State Senator Dale Fowler
  4. Illinois State Senator Paul Schimpf
  5. Illinois State Senator Andy Manar
  6. Illinois State Senator Rachelle Crowe
  7. Illinois State Representative Terri Bryant
  8. Illinois State Representative Dave Severin