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Available Space
Permitted Use
Criteria for Leasing 
Description of Space


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Energy Development Park Amenities Include:

  • WiFi available across campus
  • Fiber-optic
  • Keypad security entry
  • Ample free parking
  • Groundskeeping and custodial services handled by SIU
  • Building manager on site
  • All commercial utilities
  • Elevator


  • Located close to I-57, railway, SIU

Available Space

The second floor of the Energy Development Park has space available, with elevator access, as follows:

  • East Wing rough estimate - 1700 square feet; 3 offices, 1 conference room
  • Middle section rough estimate - 3400 square feet; 2 offices, 1 conference room, men’s and women’s restrooms, waiting room and elevator
  • West Wing rough estimate – 9600 square feet; 2 conference rooms, 1 lunch area, 9 office spaces, 1 storage area, 1 filing room, 1 computer and printer room

Permitted Uses

  • Labs and offices for research, testing, and consulting
  • Prototype production and assembly
  • Divisional and/or corporate headquarters
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Professional services to support above activities

Criteria for Leasing

Tentants must have an education and/or research component to their work.

Description of Space

Today the Energy Development Park represents an important R&D capability in southern Illinois. The Energy Development Park includes specialized buildings designed for coal mining and utilization projects, as well as office space for energy-related businesses and research.  These facilities include:

High-Bay space suitable for pilot and small demonstration projects.  This 20,000 square foot structure was designed to handle heavy mining equipment.  It features a high load floor and a twenty-ton bridge crane.  IDCEO-SIU projects in this facility have included:

Coal cleaning plant testing 
Coal combustion demonstration 
LEBS scrubber pilot development
Coal by-products development and testing, including the performance testing for several major IDCEO-sponsored demonstration projects in southern Illinois
CO2 and Hydrogen Separation in Gasification
Coal to Liquids (building modifications are in process for this initiative) 
Mine Safety 

Mine Dust Control Laboratory.  This unique facility was developed to demonstrate new cost-effective techniques for dust control in Illinois mines.  This has important safety, regulatory compliance and productivity implications for the industry.  A stand-alone building was erected for this program.  Today this facility is in regular use through both IDCEO and industry projects.

CoalTec Energy Gasifier.  This facility is a private technology project.  It features a small commercial gasifier designed for coal and biomass applications.

Office/Small Laboratory Building.  Tenants pay a facility use fee established by guidelines required under the conditional property deed from the federal government.