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How can you make an energy imact?

  1. Get the Facts
  2. Find Your Groove
  3. Take Action

1. Get The Facts

At SIU's Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center (ACERC), we are working towards clean, efficient, affordable energy for all. We feel this is one of the most critical challenges for the future of humanity and planet Earth. JOIN US IN THIS EFFORT! Become a member and follow @SIUEnergy on Twitter to learn about the latest research, trends and news in energy. Once you feel you are up to speed, proceed to Step 2.

More questions? Link to ACERC FAQs:

What is ACERC, and what do we do?
What kind of advanced coal and energy research areas does ACERC support?
What are the energy education opportunities at SIU?
What is advanced coal?
How is ACERC funded?
Is "clean coal" a myth?
Is a transition to 100% renewable energy possible?

2. Find Your Groove

Energy education and research includes a wide range of topics, from energy crops to building efficiency to power generation. Once you have read up on energy issues and news and have found that topic that grabs your interest and makes you sit up straighter, see where you can get involved at SIU. Browse the ACERC website to discover educational programs, research areas, labs, and more.

3. Take ACTION

As we mention in our FAQ about 100% renewable energy, that kind of a solution is possible but it's not going to happen overnight and it will require EVERYONE'S participation and cooperation in pursuit and implementation of solutions.  Get up and become part of the solution. It's a grand challenge, so get on board. Become a member now.

More about Energy @ SIU

SIU Energy Day - April 6, 2016

SIU Energy Day

Energy is a hot topic. At SIU Energy Day the attendees learned about the latest trends. Energy Boost Scholarships and Seed Grants were awarded.Read more.

Get Involved

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The SIU Energy Networking Group on LinkedIn is for starting discussions about energy and making connections between students, faculty, and industry.  Join today.

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